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August 30, 2004


Gramma Smith

Wow. I am kind of at a loss for words. That was very touching and informative.

I, too, am a Mary Louise Smith Republican. My parents had no interest in politics, so neither did I ... until I became a member of the Smith family in 1963. I used to love to listen to her theories, opinions and explanations. I watched her career blossom into one that was nationally known and respected. She was so wise, so experienced, and so skilled at interpreting politics and politicians, I, too, miss her very much -- especially at election time. Because of the interest she stirred in me, I became involved at the local level and actually attended an Iowa Republican convention as a delegate. It was fascinating.

I got busy with you kids and my participation waned. Now I feel that things are pretty messed up and I am confused, so I will be an avid follower of your political Blog. I love to learn and I have a feeling that my son can teach me a few things.

Nice job, Rob.

P.S. I treasure my Gramma Smith elephant as well.


Gee, I wasn't sure there were many moderate Republicans out there. My brother tells me I'm a fence sitter...he says jump off, you can't be moderate and Republican...but I think that's just his youth talking.

I grew up in a Republican family that didn't agree with Vietnam and certainly didn't want my older brother drafted. It was difficult for my (World War II and Korean War) veteran dad during that time. I definitely remember, though, watching the draft (like bingo) with the tension so tight in our living room, I though my mom would burst.

As a died in the wool Republican, I am open to hearing your case, so I will be reading your BLOG. I have to tell you, voting for Kerry is a difficult pill to swallow right now for me.

Thanks for sharing your story about your terrific Grandmother. She sounds like someone I would have liked to meet. And, thanks for sharing your views. Being able to do this without fear of reprisal is what makes this country the best in the world.


Grandma Delores

Rob, A quick note to say I have read your new political blog site with interest. I too voted for George Bush, thinking his advisors, would help him with areas in which he had little experince, like foreign policy. How wrong I was. I'll probably vote for Kerry just to get rid of Wolfewitz, Rumsfeld, and Chaney. Delores

Scott Hostetter

I know that everyone in America believes that this election year of 2004 is crucial for the future of our beloved nation, just as all City, County, State and federal elections are important for the health and maintenance of our free republic. I would like to point out that before you cast your vote in your respected primary or the general election in November that you might read the book, "Votescam: The Stealing of America” or at least read the first five chapters of the book for free at: and decide for yourself if America is still the shining beacon of open, honest and free elections “We the People” still believe her to be.

Jim Smith

Nice job, Rob. Makes me proud. Maybe you can round up some more Moderate Republicans. We need as many as we can get.

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