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October 22, 2004


Grampa Smith

Its a mess. Tomorrow is a huge day.
Go Hawks and Redbirds. No point in calling tomorrow. I will probably be busy.

Love to All!

Gramma Judy

Hi, everyone.
What an outstanding sunset! Wow! That was beautiful.

Without the debris, the project is lookin' good! Interesting find on the door.
Too bad it doesn't pull out all the way.

Neat pics of the kids, too. Thanks for sharing.

We are headed out shortly for our day with the Wiggles. Jerry is dressed in
his Iowa garb ready to watch the football game. I sure hope he can find a sports bar near the hotel that is showing it or he will not be a happy camper.

I had a VERY short night last night -- too many party preparations, so I think I will sleep most of the way to Tampa. Once there, however, I will be "WIGGLIN!"

Have a great day. I will talk to you soon.
Gramma Judy

Grandma Delores

Thanks for the great pictures of kids and remodeling. The trees and sunset are beautiful. Most of our colors are gone now. Love Grandma Delores


Hi all.
Great pictures from your garden! We are past our peek of fall leaves up here. We really enjoyed the colors out here in Hanover. The view of the trees along the river was spectacular....enough even for Dave to wake up at 6:30 am to take pictures.

We were just out and bought MORE pumpkins. I've got a big front porch to fill this year.

Remind me to tell you my personal GHOST story in more detail, but I went to a ReAL known haunted theater in St. Paul this week and I had a first hand experience from one of the ghosts there. When I told one of the theater managers about where I was (in the bathroom) and what I heard, she said it most likely WAS one of the 3 ghosts there.....ohhhhhh! I shook in my seat for 20 min. nonstop. Of course...my ever skeptic husband made fun of me the whole night when I got home and told him. Oh WELL. Im ready for a fun Halloween.

Love the pictures of the demolition!!


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