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November 07, 2004


Gramma Judy

It sounds like you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend -- which is just what they are supposed to be! I love the new shoes!

We had a quiet weekend here, too. Suzanne, Mitchell and I spent Saturday trying to heal from Friday's fiasco. We both woke up on Saturday with bad headaches (probably a little dehydrated from the vomiting) and we were both very sore (again, undoubtedly from the vomiting and being battered by the rough seas). All three of us were exhausted so we took long naps during the afternoon and went to bed early that night.

Not flying back on Saturday was a good choice as Mitchell was still a little sick to his stomach. The airline puke bag would have been required and that would have been toooo much.

Although still very sore, we all felt much better on Sunday. Jerry and I went
to church and then came back for Zanny and Mitchell so we could all go
out for breakfast. We returned home long enough for her to pack their stuff and then we left again with the intention of going to pick up our
new dog -- a 2 year old yellow lab named Miles.

Jerry had learned of his availability through a person he met at Bubba's. The owner's wife had developed a severe allergy, so they had no choice but to give up the dog. He was housebroken, neutered, papered, and very friendly, per the owner.

What he forgot to mention, however, was that he was rowdy and totally out of control! He nearly knocked us all down when we entered their house, and when he jumped on us he was nearly as tall as we were! He was
absolutely nuts!

He and Mitchell had a ball as both were running wildly through the house.
Between Mitchell's squeals of delight and everyone yelling at the dog to settle down, our visit was total bedlam. I have to say that he was very gentle (for the most part) with Mitchell. And he seemed particularly fond of Suzanne ... he tried to "hump" her whenever he got the chance.

They claimed that he was normally well behaved but that he just gets excited when people come. They also mentioned that he sheds massive amounts of hair year round.

The room took on a rosy glow with all the "red flags," so needless to say, we left without the dog. Thank, God! I had hoped for a nice, docile dog,
who would just wag his tale and "smile" at us when we met. This dog
was definitely not that.

From there we took Zanny and Mitchell to the airport. Still believing that good times await after visiting the airport, he was delighted to be there. He excitedly exclaimed upon our arrival, "Mama, we finally made it to the airport!" He had been asking to go there ever since they flew in for the Wiggles concert two weeks ago. He loves riding the "choo choo train"
shuttle at the Denver airport.

Saying goodbye was very hard. We had such a wonderful time. I truly don't know what I would have done without them. They made such a positive difference in what would have been an extremely difficult couple of weeks.

It's very quiet around here so I will have to find something to do to keep from feeling very lonely. Thank goodness, I don't have Miles to contend with! He would have kept me far toooo busy!

Have a great day. I am missing and loving you all.

Gramma Judy

Grandma Delores

Greetings from N. Mankato, The new shoes look very nice, and the other pictures are great. My question is how do you get the kids and cats to pose for such good pictures. Hannah is so pretty, and so grown up from the last time we saw her. I'm just back from the Monday Morning Group, where several are leaving soon for their Winter Homes in Arizona. We are forecast to have snow on Wednesday night and that even sounds kind of nice. Take care, Grandma Delores

Cousin Stacy

All the pictures are great! I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy viewing everything on your blog! Love, Cousin Stacy

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