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November 29, 2004


Gramma Judy

Awesome photos! It was fun to see Loveland! I am surprised that some of those places are still there, especially the Rialto. It even looks a little nicer than it did back then. I assumed the big megaplex theatres would have put it out of business
long ago. I have lots of good memories of Loveland. That's a place I could easily
have spent my life. I loved Loveland. :-)

Wow, what a blizzard! Holy Moly. Did Tessa do her snow ritual to bring it on? That
was really something -- so is her ritual! All that snow and a heartbreaking loss too. Bummer.

I actually read this entry at about 3:30 last night. I had one of my sleepless nights.
Part of it was the holiday frantics creeping in and part of it was just being overwhelmed with bad news about my friends. Saturday night I got the news about
Maggie's leukemia and last night I learned that my good pal from work Dennis Johnson's daughter named Amy (Zanny's age) was in a terrible car accident in Atlanta last Wednesday. She is in a coma with brain damage and other
severe internal injuries. They may have to make a decision about life support. I
cannot imagine having to do that with one of you kids. She is a brilliant young lady
and had a very successful careeer in Middle East Studies. My prayer list is getting
very long.

Our boat ride is supposed to happen tomorrow afternoon. I hope I can enjoy it and not sit there worrying about things I should be doing. This is a neighborhood couple who came to our party. It's their second invitation, so we need to say yes.
It is just cruising up and down the canals here in Cape Coral. Our weather
is in the upper 80's, so it is a good chance to soak in a little nice warm sunshine before heading up towards the "North Pole." :-)

Glad you are all back home safe and sound. Have a great week. We will see you
sometime Sunday. We are trying to time our arrival so we don't mess up your
party, so I think we should be there fairly early Sunday afternoon -- providing
we have good weather and good roads!

See you soon...
Gramma Judy

Hugs and kisses to the kids!

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