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November 11, 2004


Gramma Judy

Just a quick note from your mean mom ... you know, the one who threw away your old comic books and baseball cards. it's a good thing I am
a strong woman because carrying this burden of guilt and shame all these years has not been easy. If only we had Dr. Phil when I was a young mother. Perhaps then I would not have made so many mistakes. :-)

I hope your cocoon emerges into someting beautiful because it sure looks nasty right now! What fun it will be to watch the transformation. An "extreme makeover" happening in your own yard! Please keep us posted.

I saw Dr. Teufel yesterday. He said that this recurrence was caught very early as it is just one tumor in the liver -- the rest of the liver, bones and lungs were unchanged. It had grown from less than one centimeter to 2X3 centimeters since my last scan. He intends to increase the Zeloda to a larger dose the next time around as he started me quite low to see how I would tolerate it. It can apparently be kind of rough for some folks. Hopefully, that won't be the case with me. I have noticed little or nothing so far, which he thought was good.

He said some people who have bad side effects with this drug just stop taking it; it is one of the dangers when patients are given the drug to take at home. With in-house IV chemo, the doctors know it is happening. With this, they are never sure. He said I was far more motivated and informed than most of his patients, so he knew I would not be one of those people. I assured him that he was absolutely right about that. I cannot imagine that kind of thinking -- no matter how bad it got!

I told him about our boating experience. He confirmed my theory that the boat was simply traveling far too fast. He said he has a built in speed regulator on his boat -- his wife and that she is very effective. I wish we would have had her with us on Friday!

Otherwise, there is not much happening here. Watching "Lost" was our big event last night. Good show! I watched The Bachelor after that, even though it is really bad. I don' know why any woman would put herself through such psychological torment. It's terribly cruel! I think they would be scarred for life!

If the Lexus is out of the body shop in time, we might take off for a weekend trip on Friday. I am not sure where we will go, but I will let you know if we leave.

I hope the box is a table. That would be so awesome!

Have a great day!

Hugs and love to all,
Gramma Judy

P.S. For the umpteenth time, Rob, I apologize for tossing your books and
cards. :-)


I see the word biscuit on the side of the box, and with my new found wisdom in the ways of the plumbing store, I think I smell a bathtub..................


p.s. Was there a "biscuit" crayon in the 64 pack of Crayola's? I don't remember it. Should have been just left of "burnt sienna" you'd have thought.


Whatever is inside the box doesn't really matter. It is the box that is cool. Sam and Tessa are going to create a really cool something or other out of that I'm sure. I can just see that blog now! Love, Zanny

Grandma Delores

My guess is the box is the bathtub also. I see rolled edge and Handle With Care and its on its very own palate. How did one UPS guy get it there?? Grandma Delores

Gramma Judy


We just returned from the flea market. We didn't buy a single flea, but we did take
care of a few more Christmas gifts, which is a good feeling. It was a good day to be there. It was not too hot and not too crowded. It can be a miserable place without those two components.

I wanted to tell you before I forgot that I have a message for you from one of the storekeepers at the market. She admired my Bruce necklace and wanted to know the story behind it. When I told her, she got goosebumps, so she wanted me to let you know that you gave her goosebumps. Now you know. She got them again when I told her about my breast cancer bracelet from the lady at Disney World.
She may have been easily "goosed," but it is a really neat necklace, so I am sure she was sincere.

Also, we aren't going anywhere this weekend afterall. The car is still in the body shop and it won't be finished until the middle of next week -- that darn hurricane! It is taking much longer than they promised, so they offered to pay for a rental for us; therefore, we will go out this afternoon to pick it up. Another reason for canceling is that Jerry remembered that he has to work tomorrow a.m. We will have
to find a new date for our mini-trip. There's a lot going on here this weekend, so it will be kind of nice to just stay home.

That's about it from here. Have a super weekend!
Love to you all ...
Gramma Judy
P.S. I hope you know that I was just giving you a bad time about your comic books
and moms comments yesterday, Rob. I am sorry that you no longer have some of them, as I know how much you enjoy them, and I am glad Bill and Beth helped to fill that void. :-).

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