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January 18, 2009



Wow!!!! How fun is all that? Way more fun than we are having here, I can assure you. We had a Lego marathon all weekend. Two minor projects down in 14 hours which warmed us up for the Death Star. Although I would take Lego world over Miley Cyrus any day. Good luck with the ear plugs.


WHAT??!!! No pics of my U2 guys???? shux...



oh..and Edge and the eagle doesnt count! ha ha. :)

Glad to see you guys there. Looks like a blast. Dave and I are off to Vegas tomorrow! SO excited!



great pics!!!! fun to see all the exciting stuff that's happening in D.C.! it's so exciting here in kc. yeah right. i'll be looking foreward to hearing the doctor's report.


Hey peoples!! I need you guys to comment more. Mostly because we're at the infamous doctor's office where a few minutes can turn into a few hours . . . . . . A shoutout to my peeps: Abbey; how is your extra day off going?
Mom; have fun with your Legos. Dad's getting the Jonas brothers and you're getting Legos. Best of both worlds. Which is, in fact, a Hannah Montana song. . . . . .
Michelle: Don't worry! I got a bunch of pics of Bono and the lot of them. B-)
See u guys!!

jim smith

I hope all is going well at the doc's office. Sounds like a long day tomorrow. Dress warm. They say it could get cold. Sounds like a really long night tonight. Don't they have any country out there?
Love to All!!!


Abbey is spending her day off babysitting. Your brother. Can you believe it? I just called her and told her to call you because you are so bored.

Kirt Markle

You look way tough, dude, leaning on that lamp post. Wouldn't be surprised if The Edge asked you to take over for Bono.


loving it here. glad to see your post Tessa!!! i think sam's doing legos. i'm such a great babysitter. I think i'm gonna go fix lunch. k, keep looking at the comments. yep, later.

Grandma Delores

We saw the concert yesterday, but didn't see you in the crowd! Sure was good. Hope the Dr. visit goes well. We'll be watching more today and tomorrow. Be sure to wave for the TV cameras. We'll be at David and Michelle's babysitting. G. Delores


To All:
Just got a message on my work phone that the doctor visit went well. Leg is perfectly straight and exactly the same length as the other side. Tessa may even be able to ski in March if her flexibility improves. I am, however, now all about the clothes and sitting by the fire sipping some fine java or wine, and won't be hitting the slopes. Anybody that wants to join me is welcome. Off to physical therapy. . . .


Hello all!
I'm thinking of you a lot because you are in the Dr.'s office. I'm looking foreward to seeing another post soon!

ps. i'm bored


ooh, you commented while i was commenting!!! i'm glad to hear that the dr. visit went well. i hope you can go skiing, Tessa! i'm still looking forward to seeing another post with more details.


Wow, you guys are so lucky to be there. Awesome. What a great concert that was yesterday. This is a very exciting time in our lives. Have fun!!


Bon Jovi and Bruce on the same stage!!!!

Get ready....


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