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January 25, 2004


Maggie and Tricia Townsend

Hi Tessa!
We are Tricia and Maggie. We met you a few years ago. You probably don't remmber us. I am in 7th grade and Maggie is in 9th. Maggie and my favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribean too. I even bought it for Maggie for Christmas. It lookes like you like cats. We have 2 cats, Calvin and Spiff. They are great! Hope everything is going ok in the hospital!
Tricia and Maggie Townsend

Abbey Haines

Dear Tessa,
How did the surgery go? Did it hurt alot afterwards? Today we had a snow day and I got to go over to my grandmas and had alot of fun. I really miss you. And I can't wait til you get back.

Your friend, Abbey

Grandma Judy

I am missing you and loving you, Tessa Jean.
Good luck tomorrow, Sweetheart. I love you
very much, and I will be there with you on
Monday. I know God will take very good care
of you tommorrow, and so will your mommy, daddy, and Sam. We are so proud of you.
Grandma Judy and Jerry

Kathleen Blanck

Dear Tessa,

I hope your surgery will go fine. I miss you a lot. We had an ice storm here. I missed the pancake breakfast at Visitation, but the day was pretty fun. I hope you're having fun too.



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