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January 26, 2004


Linda & Sarah & staff

We all send you well-wishes and know that your family has the spirit and strength to meet the challanges of the next couple of months. We will miss Dr.Rob,especially his amiable personality. Tessa Jean is an inspiration to all of us and reminds us that as adults we need to regain our youthful optimism and trust in others. We will look forward to your next update. -Linda

The Biber family

Love, prayers, and support from Missouri to
Tessa!! We hope that your surgery is going well and Dr. Herzenberg is doing the BEST JOB EVER!!

Peace and Blessings to Mom, Dad, and Sam

Barb Heeb

What a great idea this blog thing is!! Jon and I wanted you all to know that we have you in our thoughts and prayers, and hope that the surgery goes smoothly today! BIG hugs to you all - and remember that you are not alone! God is at your side every step of the way!
We are having similar weather here - so cold, infact, that school is CANCELLED!!:) Rachel and Harrison are out eating icicles off the mailbox! We will keep checking this site for updates. Love to you all!

Kathleen Blanck

Dear Tessa,

I hope your surgery is going well. We prayed for you right before we sent this note. I hope you're going to be wearing flip-flops soon like you've always wanted to. I'm missing you a lot. David and Michael -- my younger brothers -- prayed for you while we were praying. They had two prayers each. We have a snow day today. I hope you're feeling better, bye!



Karen Moriarity

I am a friend of your granma Judy and granpa Jerry's. I am thinking of you this morning and pray that things go very well for you. I am a granma too, to 5 grandchildren. They are 19, 16, 11, and two 3 year olds. Good Luck, Tessa! You are a very brave little girl! God Bless!

Suzanne, Jack, and Mitchell

We love you, Tessa Jean! Good Luck to all of you tomorrow!

Grampi and granma

Thanks Rob for all the information on the blog site. We are thinking of all of you at this difficult time. I'm sure tomorrow will go well for Tessa. I am praying hard for the best possible outcome.We have 6 inches of new snow today, no ice here , its to cold. We'll check in again tomorrow. Delores and Paul

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