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January 20, 2004


Kathleen Blanck

Ok, so my mom knew about this link four years before I did?
So not fair.
Well I'm glad to know everything went well n BOTH operations

 Uncle Cody, Aunt Amy, Baby Jude and Aurthur Francis

Dear Tessa

All of us above the garage are so proud of you. We miss you very much. Baby Jude misses coming over and having you make him laugh. When I was just a little bit older than you, I hurt my leg playing basketball. I had to go to the doctor to find out how to get my leg to feel better. First the doctor told me, "no more playing basketball" which I did not like. Then he gave me a set of crutches to walk around with that made my armpits hurt. Finally he gave me a whole list of exercises to do. The exercises made my knee which already hurt feel even worse. But your Grandma Judy and Grandpa Jim made me do them. By the time I went back to the doctor for a check up the doctor was very impressed with how well I had done. It made me feel good to know that the hard work was making things easier down the road.

We love you very much
Uncle Cody, Aunt Amy, Baby
Jude and Arthur Francis

Tad, Linda, Elizabeth, and Grant(Your Daddy's Partner)

Hi Tessa,
What a brave little girl you are! We have been thinking about you and are so excited that we can keep up on all of the news thru your web page.
We are sending a little surprise from your Daddy's office so keep an eye out for it.
Grant and Elizabeth like the pictures on the web page the best. They said they would love to see Nemo in Baltimore someday:).
It is very cold here in Kansas City. The kids had a snowday on Tuesday but the snow was not good for building a snowman or even making snowballs.
We think you are one of the bravest kids around.
Tell your Mom and Dad and brother "hello" for us.
We will be thinking of you and know you will be one of the best patients they have ever seen at Baltimore.
Tad, Linda, Elizabeth and Grant Wilson
* Tell your Doctor that Dr. John Callaghan from Iowa City said "Hello" He is Grant and Elizabeth's Uncle and is friends with him.

Grandma Judy

Hi, Sweetheart.
I am so glad your surgery is over and the doctors are pleased with the way everything went.

Having had lots of surgeries myself, I know that waking up from them is not fun. You feel groggy, yucky, pukey and all kinds of unpleasant things. Please remember, though, that all this is temporary, and within a few days you will be feeling much, much better.

I have been thinking about you so hard all day today, that I am all pooped out myself!

I will call and talk to you tomorrow after you have had a chance to rest a little bit.

Please know that I am missing you and loving you and can hardly wait to see you on Monday!

Take care, Sweetie.
Grandma Judy

P.S. Again, I am so proud of how brave and strong you are. Way to go, Girlfriend!

Grampi and granma

Hi Tessa Jean!!
You are a very brave young lady and we hope all goes well on Tues. We are thinking about you a lot, get well soon so we can climb some more mountains!!

Tom and Lisa

We will be thinking of you all next week and wishing for the best. Have a safe trip.


Tom and Lisa

Jennifer Blanck

Hi Smiths,

Beth Haines gave me this link and I'll be checking up on you often. Tessa (Rob and Susan, too), I hope you guys know how much we are all pulling for you at Vis. We will miss you Tessa but we will keep in touch!

Kathleen's Mom, (Jennifer)

Beth Dudley

This is really cool. I'll keep in touch with you while your gone. Good luck with your operation. I hope it goes well. My mom & dad tell me the aquarium in Baltimore is really cool.

Good Bye Tessa

Your Friend,
Beth Dudley

Michelle, Dave & Ava

This is a great idea! We will be thinking of all of you a lot during these few months!

Take care.
Michelle, Dave and Ava

Grandma Judy

This is great, Rob. I will pass it along to my
e-mail list as well. Awesome.

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