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February 27, 2004


Pam & George

Hi Tessa! I am telling you I am so proud of you I just get tears in my eyes of joy when I think about you and tell other people what a brave person you are> There are so many people praying for you that you don't even know. You have a good support system,that cares alot about you. Did you talk your Dad into the kitten? They really are fun to have around. Also, what wonderful news about Gramma Judy!! We are all very blessed. George and I will be going to Mayo Clinic for this week. But I will try to at least e-mail you while I am gone. I am not too good at this stuff but I will give it a try! We love you all very much!!! Pam & George


I am so happy for you! Each time we think your leg might have had enough, you just keep pushing it a little further. It is that kind of hard work that will get you to the prom in beautiful shoes! I love you and your hard work. Love, Zanny

Gramma Judy

Tessa Jean the hard-working therapy machine!
You are amazing! Once again, I am so very proud of you! I loved the picture of you walking. Your leg looks so much longer even from here in Florida! Awesome! We have been busy here with Susie and Deloma/Charlie. Our weather has not cooperated, so we have not had the beach time we had hoped for, but tomorrow and Monday are supposed to be nice, hot days, so we will try it then. Today, it looks like we will be doing more shopping. If you can think of anything you would like for me to buy you, just let me know! Thanks to your mom/dad for sending my Hawkeye guy! He is out on our lanai making himself at home. Have a super weekend, and I will give you a call tomorrow. I am loving you and missing you.
Gramma Judy

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