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February 24, 2004



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Gramma Judy

Hi, Sweetie.
What did you think of the Bachelorette tonight?
I was a little surprised that she picked Ian, but
they sure seemed happy, so I guess it was a good
choice. What did you think about it? I'm glad things went better for you today. Susie, Deloma and I went shopping in the rain today! It poured down all day. We are hoping it is nicer tomorrow; if so, we will do a sunset cruise. I sure wish you could be here to come along! Keep up the good work, Girlfriend!
I am loving you and missing you.
Gramma Judy


Hey Tessa,

That Crayola Cow looks cool.
I bet it feels really good to be back home. I can't wait til you come back to school.
Keep up the good work, Tessa.

See you soon,

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