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February 28, 2004


Gramma Judy

Hi, Tessa Jean.
I think Tommy is a very handsome kitten. I am kind of like your daddy in that I prefer puppies to kittens, but when you have worked so hard, I really think you deserve to receive the kitten of your choice -- and Tommy looks like a really good choice. I am sure you will take very good care of him. Let's just hope that he never does some of the nasty things your other cats have done!
I am very eager to hear how things are going in Baltimore, so I hope your daddy will call with a full report. I should think it would all be very good news! Take care, Sweetie. I am loving you and missing you.
Gramma Judy


Dear Tessa Jean,

I hope your doctor's visit goes very well. I can't wait to see the x-rays to see how long your leg has grown! I really miss you. Mitchell and I went to Estes Park today to get out of the house for a while. Everywhere I looked, I thought of memories of you, and our family, and how much fun we have when we go there in the summer. Mitchell picked out a post card to send to you. I'll send it this week. Tommy looks really cool. I love his eyes. I sure hope that your Daddy lets you get him. I also hope that he doesn't eat too much, lose his charm, get lazy, and start to pee all over the house. (I hope Tommy doesn't do that either.) I love you. Have safe travels.



Dear Tessa,
I just dropped you and Dad off at the airport for your overnight trip to Baltimore. I know this is going to be a great visit and I hope your leg is over 40 mm longer. You have worked so incredibly hard this week and I am absolutely amazed by your tenacity (ask Dad) and strength and grace. Make sure you get your math homework done, okay (wink, wink). I have decided you can never go off the college though so maybe the home work isn't so crucial. I just miss you so much when we have to be apart, even when it is for only 24 hours and for doctor visits I know are necessary and will bring us great news. If you sit on your hands maybe the doctor won't see your Dazzling Nail Art.
I can't wait to hear the news and see you again. Call me tonight. Love, Mom


Rob, I've been thinking about the cat saga. Sounded like any bad feline experiences must have occurred when Tessa was a baby. Anyone who has a 7-year-old daughter who creates a spreadsheet to analyze "what's wrong with her dad" undoubtedly is mature enough to care for a pet on her own! She could teach her cat to stay out of Dad's way. If votes are being taken, I vote for CAT!


Tessa, Tommy is one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen. Of course, all we see is his gorgeous face and a spot on his shoulder and foot. Does he have a lot of spots all over or is he mostly white? If this is the lucky cat you bring home, I hope the next photo shows the whole (excuse the pun) kit and caboodle. Hope you WOW them in Baltimore! Best wishes for a wonderful trip.

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