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February 23, 2004


Karen Moriarity

I'm so sorry, but I had to laugh about the fashion tip regarding stickers on leather and the adventures of shipping a shower/commode chair home from the eastcoast.

I too, have a cool leather coat and I let a political worker put a "Vote For Bradley" politcal sticker on it. When I tore it off, it left a round spot on it for months. But it did go away. I hope yours does too.

And no one will see the shower/commode chair anyway, so just say "kay sara sara" and let it go.

Pam & George

Hi! Sounds like have had quite a day!!! Don't despair, it will be a better day tomorrow. Just hang in there, all of you. You are doing great. Days like today make you appreciate the good days. Hope it all gets straightened out. We love you all! I am anxious to see that pink bedroom!!!!

Erin's Mom

I truly hope that the combo-rehab works out for you. I know that Tessa needs the best rehab she can get, and I continue to pray that she can get that here in KC with her mom, dad, and Sam......giving her the chance to sleep nightly in that cool pink room.


Grampi and Grandma

It is difficult to put into words what the web log has meant to us! We are glad you are back and apparently Murphy's Law is working as usual. We hope to visit in March and will probably be helping David to move this week end. We are very proud of you all! You have handled a very difficult time with grace and compassion. Tessa's great grandmother Jean would have been proud as well. The real meaning of family has been very apparent in the comments from the heart that have been posted on the web log. Tessa's courage has been an insipration to us all!

Jon and Barb Heeb

Welcome Back Tessa!!!!
What a cool room you have to come home to - a truly energizing environment! We have kept up with all your progress thanks to your Dad and hope you continue to amaze everyone with your strength and determination. You are such a brave girl, and we send big hugs from all of us.
the Heebs
(glad you were reunited with all your friends too - I'm sure that helps the morale too!:)

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