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February 22, 2004


Pam & George

Hi Smith Family! Gosh it is so nice to see pictures from good old K.C. What a relief it must be to be home. Please keep us posted how things are going for you Tessa! We love you allPam & George

Gramma Judy

Hi, Sweetie.
Jerry and I have been gone all day, so I am just now writing to say hello. My friends, Deloma and Charlie, are here from Colorado and we spent all day at the beach. It was such fun. I sure wish you could have been here. We found some cool shells and really enjoyed the day. It looks as though you had a wonderful weekend! Your homecoming party looked like such fun, and I can hardly wait to see your new pink and green room.
It sounds so awesome! Keep up the good work, Sweetheart. It might be tempting to ease up a little now that you are home, but I know you are determined to work hard, so you will continue to do just that. I am missing you and loving you. Take care, Sweetheart.
Gramma Judy
P.S. Hugs and kisses to all!

Karen Moriarity

Stylin' with a new lime green phone, eh? And a redecorated bedroom too!! Friends all around and a visit from a LADYBUG!! You are sooo blessed!

I can't wait to hear about your new therapists in Kansas City. I bet they are cool too. Hang in there Tessa! I've got you in my prayers.


Sounds like things are moving right along Tessa Jean! I haven't gotten my back fixed yet, but I'm still workin' on it. Best wishes!

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