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March 28, 2004


Pam & George

Hi! Tessa purple is your color. That is such a pretty picture of you. I think you look more and more like your mom!!! Don't tell your Dad though!!! GOOOOOOOOOD LUCK with your appointment with the Dr. We will be anxious to hear from you!!! Love Pam & George

Carla (Erin's mom)

Hadn't had an opportunity to read the updates on sweet Tessa (but hurrah, the computer is home from the doctor, and we are back to normal..at least our computer is)

That picture of Tessa with her gorgeous gam extended is quite a sight to see. (Watched Casablanca this weekend, so thought the 40's slang was appropriate here).

Good luck on the dr appointment today, and I'm very happy for you, Tessa, that you get to go back to school next week. Congrats...


Gramma Judy

Hi, Sweetie.
I've sure been thinking about you this morning and hoping your trip to the doctor brings very good news. Sorry about your uncomfortable flight last night. I know how miserable that can be.

Mitchell is watching cartoons while Zanny is packing for Disneyworld. It sounds as if we are going to be spending most of our time at the hotel pool, etc., since it is a very hot day down here and the lines are sure to be long at the park. We will check it out, and if it is too much for Mitchell (and us), we will just leave
and enjoy a nice swim. Either way, it will be
fun to be there. I wish you were with us to show
us around. :-)

Have a safe flight home, Sweetheart. I will talk to your dad later for a full report. I love you.
Gramma Judy
P.S. I love your "Lavendar Girl" photo above.
Honestly, you look like a movie star! Wow!

Karen Moriarity

Just catching up from being gone over the weekend. Susan and Rob; you have some very beautiful children. That photo of Sam crashed on the couch is so cuute, reminds me of some we've taken here of my grandchildren. And Tessa, could be a model! My gosh she's beautiful.

Tessa, you are doing so great! I know the therapy part isn't very much fun, but your hard work is showing. Keep your chin up, chickee.

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