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April 24, 2004



Hey guys
The song lyric is ' You'll Be in my heart" from
Tarzan.(I am listining to it right now)
I am glad you came to my first Eucharist party.

Your special friend,

Gramma Judy

I am speechless. I have never seen a more beautiful 7 year old girl in my life. You looked absolutely magnificent! I loved your dress, your hair, your shoes, your eyelashes, your everything! But most of all I loved your spirit! It's easy to give up when things are tough, but not you. You went to that dance looking fantastic and feeling determined to have a good time, and my guess is you and your dad had the best time ever and that you were the stars of the evening! I am soooo proud of you -- and your dad, too.

The movie was awesome. You could be a professional model! Wow! I love the song your dad picked, too. You are pretty darn lucky to have a dad who loves you as much as he does.

Wow! I am still thinking of your photos, etc., so it is hard to write about anything else!

I will just tell you that great-grandpa Fritz left today and he has probably already landed in Kansas City. I think he really enjoyed his trip, and it was nice having him here.

That's all for today. I still can't get over how beautiful and grown up you look in the photos.
My favorite granddaughter is growing up sooo fast!

I love you very much and I am so glad you and your dad had such a super time.

See you soon ...
Gramma Judy


Dear Tessa,

What a triumph! Remember when you were sad in Baltimore, and we talked about how someday it would all be worth it because you would be able to go to your prom in regular shoes and dance the night away just like the other kids? Who could have imagined that you would find a way to do just that even WITH your leg brace still ON! You are an inspiration to everyone who ever got discouraged or sad that something just was not going quite right. You made delicious lemonade from some awfully sour lemons last night, and most everyday since your operation. I am so very proud to know you and to call you my niece. Have a great day! Tell your Dad I loved the movie. So sweet!

I love you and miss you!
Aunt Zanny

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