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April 01, 2004


Gramma Judy

Hi, Sweetie.
I am sorry you had a tough time with your tummy.
You sure don't need more "troubles in your bubbles." I sure hope that doesn't happen again.

Things are much too0 quiet and lonely here this morning. We put Zanny and Mitchell on their plane last night so they could go back to Denver.
Mitchell was in his car seat in the back and I was in the front seat, but he wanted to hold my hand, so I think he knew something was up. He
was wearing his "ears" hat and his jammies. He
looked so cute. It was sooo hard to say goodbye.

Well, I have a doctor's appointment soon, so I better go get dressed so we can go. Have a super weekend. We will be thinking of you.

Gramma Judy

P.S. Were you glad about Survivor last night?
I just got to watch the voting part, so I don't know how or why she got voted off.

Karen Moriarity

I LOVE Sam's hairdo!! My little boys when they were his age had hair like that! It must be the wild indian in them. Ha.

Oh Tessa, I hate when my stomach acts up. That is the WORST. But it passes and things get better. You are doing so great, keep it up.

Mom, Dad and Grandparents...hang tough!

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