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May 17, 2004


Karen Moriarity

Sounds like Happy Birthdays are in store for half of the Smith family!! Happy Birthday, Tessa! Happy Birthday, Rob!!

You've got a whole new year in front of you, Tessa, and I'm betting it's a good one too!!

Keep on with the good work.


Happy Early Birthday to Rob and Tessa!

I believe the song is How will I know...by Whitney Houston (showing my age again..hee hee)

See you all soon!

Aunt Michelle

Grandma Delores

Good Morning to all, Even 64 degrees of flexing sounds good to me, and maybe by Friday it will be 90 again. I made reservations at the Marriot at the Plaza for us on the big Birthday weekend. Finally the rain is falling here with one-half an inch on Thursday and again Sunday night. So there is hope afterall of avoiding another dust bowl. Happy Birthday to Tessa and Rob on Wednesday and Thursday! Grandma Delores

Erin's Mom

Geez...first time I've had a chance to read the BLOG in a very long time, and I know the movie....rainy day, but a good start...It is from "The Usual Suspects"....very good flick.

It was very nice to see Tessa at the softball practice last Saturday. All of the girls were excited to see her, and we had to remind them to stay on the field instead of running over to her when she got there with Mrs. Haines.

A huge Happy Birthday to Tessa...I'm thinking 8 is going to be a very good year for you.

Carla (Erin's mom)

Gramma Judy

Good Morning everyone.
It is a little early for me to get up and stay up, so I am considering hopping back in and catching a few more winks, but I just had to check out your blog now that my eyes are open.

Speaking of movies, we watched The House of Sand and Fog last night. What a depressed two hours that was. Lordy, I had to stay up and watch David Letterman just to get cheered up before going to bed after watching that one. It was good if you like very sad movies where everyone's lives turn to poop, but otherwise, I wouldn't recommend it.

Have you been hearing about all the lost vosts on American Idol? Shocking! Apparently only a percentage of votes cast are actually counted.
It sounds like Florida and their chad problems! Too bad, because it could change the outcome.

Well, I have lots to do today, so I better either get started or go back to bed. Happy birthday, tomorrow, Tessa Jean! And the same to you the day after, Rob!

I love you all ...
Gramma Judy

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