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May 20, 2004


Gramma Judy

Just a quick note as it is way past my bedtime ...

Cody will not be able to pick me up. He will probably be leaving DSM at about 7:00, so our timing is off. Therefore, if one of you could be there for my 7:13 arrival (United out of Chicago), I would appreciate it. I am traveling with too many very heavy bags again, so save some room. See you tomorrow (or actually later today!).


The song is Lately but once again I only know the cover artist, Jodeci. Do I get half a no-prize? :-)

And I never did hear from you about the Ohio postcards. Does Tessa Jean prefer postmarked or not?

Grandma Delores

Looks like the birthdays were a real blast. Great pictures to help us visualize the scene. Susan, I saw an interview on a twincities TV station with Toby Pearson a couple of days ago. There were pictures of his two little girls also. They were playing on a swing set in a back yard. We may go up to Tom's later today. Lisa's grandmother died last night. More later. Grandma Delores

Gramma Judy

I was glad to see the blog this morning. I worry when it's not there. :-)

Hey, Rob. about your special thanks, believe me,
it was my pleasure. You were the most beautiful
sight I had ever seen. I will never forget the
overwhelming joy of holding you in my arms for the first time-- and many times after that. So, no thanks are required. I am thanked in silent ways every single day when I see what an amazing person you have turned out to be. :-)

Yesterday was errand day; today is packing day; and tomorrow is travel day! Yahoo!

I will send my itinerary tonight so you know what
time I arrive. I will also check with Cody to see if it works out for him to just stop by and pick me up.

I can hardly wait! Meanwhile, hugs and kissed to all.

Gramma Judy

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