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May 23, 2004


Karen Moriarity

WOW, Tessa!! Was that the REAL Buck Owens? Your blog is gettin' around girl!

I can see that we have some music and movie afficiondos (sp?)here, and I am just a novice. I should have guessed the Manchurian Candidate tho. I saw that movie more than once.

Well Happy Birthday to everyone, and say hello to Grandma Judy for me.

And Congrats to the 75 degrees. I know this isn't easy for you Tessa, but someday you will be running without "crutching". God Bless you all.


Hey Everybody! That party sure looked like fun! I love the ladybug theme as well. Mitchell and I will just be taking it easy today due to yesterday's trip to the ER. He seems a little tired to me even after a good nights sleep. Yesterday's excitement is catching up to him. Visit our blog to see a picture of his ouchie. Say "Hi" to Grandma Judy for us. Sure wish we were there to have fun with you. We miss you. Once again I have been beaten to the punch on trivia that I knew hands down. Shawshank Redemption is one of my favorites. Zanny


If it's any consolation to Sam, Nate doesn't want to grow up either. Everybody looks great in the pictures and it's great to see Tessa standing. Have a great week.




The lyrics are similar to "Goin' up the Country" by Canned Heat, but it's probably another blues tune I can't name.


I am guessing Shawshank Redemption on the movie.

Buck Owens

Well, I see that ol Lord Blog is a thinkin he can catch the Buckster a sleeping in the saddle. Jimmie Rodgers wrote this song, and alot of my good buddies covered it. Willie Nelson, Ol Waylon, Tompall Glaser and of course the incomparable Dwight Yoakam have all covered
"T for Texas". You tell that 8 yr. old of yours that ol' Buck wishes her a Happy Birthday, and hopes she has many more !!
riding into the sunset, Buck

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