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June 22, 2004


Beth and Abbey

We have been thinking of you SO much. Your surgery is in 3 hrs. Abbey just led us in prayer for your safe surgery and fast recovery.
We love you and look forward to your return to us here in KC.
Love Always, Beth

Rob, the song is "Witchy Woman" by the Eagles


You all are in our thoughts and prayers today!
Michelle, Dave & Ava

Gramma Judy

Hi, Everyone.
I went to bed thinking of you and I woke up this morning thinking of you. Plus, I said lots of prayers in between. I know things will go very well, but it is always good to get a pending surgery behind you. I will be eager to get "the call" telling me that it's over and everything is
A-OK. :-)

I, too, have lots of gratitude for the brace and all the awesome things it has done. Sometimes I have been kind of mad at it for causing the hurting that it has, but overall,it has been a very good thing. Tell it thanks and goodbye for me, too. :-)

You're all in my thoughts and prayers.
Gramma Judy

P.S. Rob, did last night's crab cake beat the
one you discovered on your last trip? Sounds


We are thinking of you. If this was a performance good luck we would say to "break a leg" but for this deal we only want "mend a leg". In fact in your honor Tessa, that is all we will say to any future performers. so good luck and "mend a Leg"!!

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