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June 20, 2004


Abbey Haines

Hey Tessa

Watching that marshmellow pop was very interesting. From now on I want to be blue when ever I play croquet. Good luck on getting off the hardware.

Love Your Freind,


Dear All,
So happy your Father's Day went well. Jack said he had a really good one as well. I am so anxious to see how Tessa gets along without her brace. Say "Hello!" to all in Baltimore. We are so thankful for all of their help and talents. WE LOVE YOU TESSA JEAN!!!! Good Lady Bug Luck to you on your journey and your brace removal. Love, Zanny

Gramma Judy

Wow! What an awesome Father's Day that must have been ... and the Bat Mobile! Holy Bat Gifts! That was the ultimate. Thanks so much for the virtual tour. I feel as if I have been for a ride. Congratulations on two great kids and a
super day.

So far today, I have been scratching mosquito bites, which has kept me pretty busy. I may have to find the Calamine lotion and do some slathering.

I hope you have a good day and a perfect flight
tomorrow. Please keep me posted.

I love you all ...
Gramma Judy

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