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June 21, 2004



I love you. Have a good day tomorrow. Sleep well, and say thank you and good bye to the brace for me. Have your Mom or Dad call me to let me know how everything went. Love, Zanny

Carla and Erin

Erin and I will both be saying a special prayer at 12:00N our time on Wednesday. Erin says to tell you that she thinks you rock (I believe that means she thinks you are pretty darn special!), and I do too.

You have gone through this with more dignity and grace than alot of adults, and as I have said before you are my hero. Good luck tomorrow, and big prayers and hugs from the Trainors.

Carla and Erin

Gramma Judy

I love the barfing Batman! I had no idea he would turn out to be a blog headliner! :-)

Tessa's deep insight into her feelings and her ability to so eloquently express them amazes me.
What a wonderful gift. I am sure her list of 20
things is touching, funny at times, and very

Everyone will agree that she is now and will always be very special -- with or without the brace. I frankly think that this whole experience has made her even MORE special -- not even counting what it has done to her outside appearance. I think it has brought about some pretty amazing changes on the inside as well.

You are all foremost in my mind this week and I will be eagerly awaiting word from you tomorrow,
and then seeing you very soon in Colorado!

Hugs to all -- especially Tessa Jean.
Gramma Judy

Karen Moriarity

Good Luck tomorrow, Tessa. Everything will go very well, I know it! Tomorrow night, you will be able to cross your legs and do all of the things on your list...AND...you will still be special because you ALWAYS WERE BEFORE the hardware. I know because your grandma Judy told me.

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