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June 30, 2004


Karen Moriarity

Those lazy routine days feel good don't they? Tessa is looking great too.

I think the movie quote was spoken by Spiderman about his true love Mary Jane. I'm not sure if it was movie one or two though, since I haven't seen the second one and I saw the first one over a year ago.

Mrs. Hall

Glad to hear that life is getting back to "normal". It is good to see Tessa smiling and glad to hear that she is reading and taking quizzes. I hope that she is enjoying the books that she is reading. Your flowers look beautiful, I always enjoy those pictures. Have a great 4th.

Mrs. Hall


It's good to hear that things are returning to a little slower pace down there. Have a great July 4th and let us know if you are still planning any trips up north this fall.......

Song of the day is "Angel Eyes", John Hiatt

Take care,


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