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June 25, 2004


Gramma Judy

Hi, Guys!
What a fun blog post! I love looking at those legs, Tessa Jean! Hubba Hubba! You all did such a great job. :-)

Your pillow looks extra squishy in the photos, Tessa. Did it work out well for you on the plane? I sure hope so.

We just got back from a weekend adventure. Jerry and I went to a little town called Mount Dora, which is not far from Orlando. It is so pretty.
It has lots of hills, lakes and many fun shops -- especially antique shops. They also have a huge
flea market that we checked out as well. We probably walked around for over 5 hours doing all our regular and "flea" shopping. (We didn't come home with a single flea!) Then we drove to a town called Titusville, which is where we stayed last night. We were kind of pooped from all the walking we did, so we mostly just enjoyed the hotel pool there. Then, this morning we got up early and drove to the Kennedy Space Center where we took half day tour. What an interesting experience that was. To think of all the things that have happened there really gave us goosebumps. I bought a guidebook that I will bring with me to Colorado. It will exlain everything better than I can, and the pictures will be better than mine as well. One of the neatest things in the world would be to see a real launching! I think we will try to do that one of these days.

Speaking of Colorado ... it won't be long now!
I can hardly wait!

I am missing and loving all of you ...
Gramma Judy

P.S. I was a little concerned about the Blog, so it is really good news to know that it will go on and on and on. :-) See you soon!


Was there ever a question that you would STOP BLOGGING?!? If I had known I would have launched a protest. So happy to see that you are safe and sound and back to a little bit of a routine. Mitchell and I are busy working on party details this weekend. Can't wait to see you. Hope you still feel like coming what with all of your recent travels and all. Well, we are off to Party City to return some stuff and get some more. See you soon! Love, Zanny

Grandma Delores

We have just arrived home after a long drive through Wisconsin, northern Minnesota, and an overnite with the relatives in Blackduck. It's good to read all the latest blog news, and to hear that Tessa is doing so well. What a relief that this much is over for all of you. We sent a post card from Bayfield Wisconsin for Tessa's collection. Love, Grandma Delores

Mrs. Biles

What an inspiring adventure you have all been on! I am so happy for Tessa- summer vacation can really begin - except for all the therapy :)! We were out of town last weekend and even in Las Vegas I was wishing I could check the blog....(we are very old and frumpy at our house). I look forward to seeing Tessa at the beginning of the school year- bouncing in from the carpool line... I'll continue to check the blog and the Biles' send warm thoughts and prayers your direction. I'll say a prayer that all little boys named Sam get potty trained this summer (ours, too!!)
God Bless.
Mrs. Biles

Mrs. Hall

Glad to see that you all made it home safe and sound. It is nice to see Tessa and Abbey smiling, I was used to seeing them daily. Hope that recovery goes well and I will be checking in often. Have a great weekend.

Mrs. Hall

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