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July 13, 2004


Grandma Delores

To Susan and Rob, A very happy Anniversary today!! As I was writing checks at a couple stores today, JULY 14 kept ringing a bell in my head, but the light didn't go on , as David says the elevator didn't go all the way to the top floor. So I'm a bit embarassed that I saw it on your comment site from Judy. No I don't have Alzhiemers, I was quite busy,getting a hair cut, getting the house cleaned for the weekend, and wrapping Katarina's birthday presents, and cleaning the patio and scrubbing the picnic table which sat in the shade too long and got rather green with alge and goo. The pictures are great of all of you, so now I'll have to buy a new color cartrige to make prints to show my friends and relatives. Tomorrow we go the Bridges of Hanover, to babysit Ava, and back Saturday for Kat's Birthday Party. Take Care, Mom- Grandma


Great pictures today and congratulations on the big plastic chair event. You are only weeks away from splatters and pools on the floor from aim deficit disorder. Don't worry, I'm pretty sure that one cures itself by age 21 or so. 90 degrees is awesome -

Sounds like a great show - wish we could have been there. It's getting crazy here with plans for a remodel and a birthday and a wedding plan and all the regular stuff going on. Keep cool.......

Song of the day is "Fortunate Son", CCR or Bob Seeger. Movie sounds like "Rocky". I also see "110 in the Shade" by JF snuck in there.

Take care,


Gramma Judy

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Are you planning anything to celebrate? I hope so. Fourteen years is definitely worthy of recognition. Way to go, guys! I am very proud of you both.

Super news from both Tessa Jean and Sam! I am soooo pleased about both of their accomplish- ments! Yahoo!!!

I had forgotten about growing the Spiderman.
Day two and he is filling the glass ... I think
he may need a bigger container! Awesome! Please keep us posted.

Jerry and I have decided to take some action on our camping trailer that has been sitting in the consignment dealer's sales lot for over a year now. We are hoping we can find a nice conversion van to trade it for so we can drive the van back and forth to the midwest and wherever. He is in the mood to do some traveling, and I never turn down a chance to do that!

Well, we have some bushes to plant before we take off to do our "shopping," so I better stop and get busy.

I hope you both have a very special day!

Loving and missing you all,
Gramma Judy

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