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July 07, 2004



I have been missing everyone so much my heart hurts. Maybe Tessa is having some sympathy pains. Love the pictures. Keep them coming! Zanny

Karen Moriarity

Tessa's sadness might be just settling into daily routine after months of a flurry of surgeries, therapy sessions, flying to the coast and back, company and other adventures all packed into a relatively short time. I get what I call the faux blues, whenever I have a week off or return from a really fun trip. It usually disappears after a couple of days. But I'm so glad she's laughing more and heartily too, from what gramma Judy says.

Don't give up on Sam's potty training. Ha. My son had a similar frustration with my grandson on giving up the bottle. We tried throwing the bottle out, but ended up with a nipple on the end of a beer bottle filled with milk. (He's 4 now, so it's definitely time)Finally Kelly just tore the end off the nipple and told him it was an accident. Shay seemed to accept that(rather reluctantly) but he still laments the loss of his bottle on occasion.


I love the photo of the sleeping beauty and the kitties.

Glad to hear that Tessa's therapy went well.

I'm sure Erin would enjoy a visit with Tessa. If she'd like to see her, let us know.


Gramma Judy

Good Morning.
I loved the photos. Tell Tessa that I will be there to visit in eight days; I hope that helps.

I slept in late this morning and had a full day of yardwork planned, so this will be a short note so I can still try to get some of it done. (I can't seem to get back on Florida time, so sleeping has been a problem since I returned. Bummer!)

Have a great day. Love to all.
Gramma Judy

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