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July 18, 2004


Grandma Delores

Greetings from Minnesota, The birthday weekend in DesMoines looks like fun for all. We had a good one also. Our time with Ava went well, she was very good, except didn't like to take naps or go to bed at night. Does that sound familar or what? Then it was home by 3:30 on Saturday for Kat's birthday party and that was a great success, even though quickly planned and put together, by Tom, Lisa, Grandpa, and myself. Then we had a fireworks display in the back yard at dusk. Sunday we attended the Pet Expo picnic out at Madison Lake, followed buy some of Kat's birthday cake which is still in our freezer. More later.


A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jude! Sounds like the Smith clan had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pics.

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