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July 29, 2004


Gramma Smith

I forgot to tell you, your Batman trailer is nothing short of genius. I think you may be in the wrong profession. :-)

Gramma Smith

Good Morning,
Darn, Grandpa Smith beat me to the song title. It is one of my favorites, especially since you
starred as Emil DeBeck in Carlisle's production
of South Pacific. What fun that was -- for you
and for your parents! :-)

I dropped Jerry off at the airport yesterday at
about 3:00 for his 4:30 flight to Minneapolis.
I then proceeded to do "girl stuff" for the next
2-3 hours. I stopped in boutiques, malls, Best Buy, etc., just shopping away to my heart's content. When I finally got home at 7:00, there
were 6 messages on our phone and 4 on my cell, which I had accidentally left behind. They were all from Jerry. His flight had been cancelled due to mechanical difficulties! Yikes.

Northwest had put him up at a airport motel and had given him a voucher for dinner, so I hopped back in the car and went out to join him. What a deal!

He was then scheduled to leave at 6:30 a.m. this morning. He left the room at 5:00 for the shuttle to the airport. He hadn't been gone five minutes when I happened to think about my car keys. He had driven the car to the restaurant and if he had kept them, I had no way home! Sure enough, there was not a single key to be found in the room, so I was stranded.

I quickly dressed hoping I could find him in the lobby, but he had already gone. So, I waited for the next shuttle, and rode it to the airport to see if I could find him. He met the bus with the keys and was giving the driver instructions to return them to me at the hotel before he realized I was sitting on the bus. What a goofy way to spend the day.

I then just came on home and finished my night's sleep on the couch. (I had taken a Tylenol PM so I was still a little on the groggy side, which made for a long drive home!)

Now, I have a ton of things to do, so I will stop. I am having company on Saturday, so I'd better get busy! :-)

Love to all ...
Gramma Judy

P.S. The drawing is awesome. What a treasure!

Grampa Smith


Idon't have a clue on the western question
but the show tune is "Some Inchanted
Eveving" from South Pacific.

Love to All!

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