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July 12, 2004


Grandma Delores

Greetings from Minnesota, What a cute puppy Beth and Bill have , and I noticed Susan is holding it as if she really likes it. We went to one of Nathan's baseball games on Friday night. The weather was perfect, cool and clear, and it was a very good game , but they lost in the last inning. Sunday night we went to visit the Loomis' and got great new red potatoes, onions, and black raspberries from their huge garden. Thursday we go to babysit Ava until Saturday afternoon. It's very hot and humid here also, so yesterday I turned the air-conditioning on for the first time this summer. More later , Grandma Delores

Gramma Judy

I believe the lyrics are from the song, "STAR DUST" but I haven't a clue who you would be looking for as the artist -- as usual. ;-)
That song is definitely an oldie but goodie.

I like the looks of that knee flexion! That's improved even from last week! Keep up the good work, Sweetie!

Not much going on here today. Our temp dropped to 90 and the humidity was better as well, so it was a good day.

We just watched Charlize Theron in her academy award performance in MONSTER. I would definitely say she deserved the Oscar. What a sad life that woman had. It is a pretty depressing movie as well. Last night we watched MYSTIC RIVER. It was good but kind of strange -- not what I expected, but I am not really sure what I expected! (TV is so lousy this summer, I rented
a bunch of movies to watch instead.) We still have two to go.

Have a Super Tuesday!
Hugs to all ...
Gramma Judy

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