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July 06, 2004


Grandma Delores

All the pictures and news makes me want to see everyone again soon. Labor Day week for sure, we'll be there, and if it wasn't such a long drive we would come more often. It's very cool and rainy again today, so no working in the gardens pulling weeds and dead heading flowers. I guess I'll just go shopping. I miss hearing all the cute things Sam has to say, and its great to hear Tessa is happy and doing so well. Love, grandma Delores


Looks like you had a great time in Colorado. It's sure great news that Tessa is making such progress on flexing. Hopefully it will be all steps forward and none back for the next few months. Is anyone going to see JH, and does he have The Goners with him? Let us know how the show was if you do.......

Sounds like "Black", Pearl Jam and "Meet the Parents". Take care,



Glad everyone is home safe.

Movie quote is from Meet the Parents!! GREAT MOVIE!


Gramma Judy

I arrived in Ft. Myers at about 10:30 tonight after a pleasant and very uneventful trip from Denver. (No heebie jeebies this time! Yahoo!)

As always, it was hard to say goodbye to Zanny
and Mitchell, but it sure was fun to be there.
And to have all of you there as well was awesome.
What a fun weekend. I will rest up from this trip and look forward to seeing you all on the next one -- real soon.

Great that Tessa has had good therapy sessions.
She seems so relieved to be free of her "cage."
It is so nice to hear her really laugh hard; it's
a sound I haven't heard from her since this whole thing started.

Jerry got a big kick out of my Sam stories, especially the one when Sam said to me, "We were wondering what you are doing here" while at Zanny's house last weekend. He also like the
"horse egg" Sam found while visiting the horse barn. He's very entertaining. :-)

Well, I am going to try again to get some sleep.
I think I am still on Colorado time!

Sure great to see you all ...
Gramma Judy

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