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July 27, 2004


Grampa  Smith

The answer to the movie question is :High Noon starring Garry Cooper And Grace Kelly.

Love to All

Gramma Judy

I think the song is from West Side Story,
Something's Comin' -- maybe?

Gramma Judy

Good Morning!
I had to laugh outloud at the This Land is My Land clip. Regardless of your politics, that's
funny stuff. :-)

I didn't get to hear any of the speeches tonight. We went to Bubba's to enjoy our usual Tuesday night meal of Bubba's yummy salad and wings. Then I watched The Amazing Race. The cavier part nearly made me sick! Wow. That must have been awful!

I heard some interviews with Obama earlier and he seemed pretty sharp, so I was sorry to have missed his speech. I heard Bill and Hillary last night. He gave a rousing speech, but then he is a master with words. (Remember his masterful, "It depends on what your definition of is is.")

I am afraid Jerry is in for a rude awakening tomorrow a.m. I was lying in bed trying to get to sleep an hour or so ago and I heard a big crash. I had a feeling I knew what had happened, but I was afraid to look. I finally got up and checked the garage and sure enough, my hunch was right. Several months ago, Jerry built a storage platform that hangs from the garage ceiling. Our Christmas decorations are stored there. Well, it fell down tonight and landed right on the Lexus, which was parked directly underneath. There is now a pretty nasty dent in the roof. Yuck. He slept through it, so he will learn about it tomorrow a.m. -- not a good way to start the day. :-(

I think I will just take some Tylenol PM and try to forget about it. As Scarlett said, "I will think about that tomorrow."

Hugs to all ...
Gramma Judy

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