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July 23, 2004


Gramma Judy

I made it home safe and sound at about 8:30 tonight in spite of a delay in Atlanta. Our plane was in line ready to take off when they noticed the cargo door was not shut all the way, so we had to go back to the terminal so the maintenance guys could close it right this time. The whole thing caused our plane to leave about one hour late. Non-stop flights may be the way to go afterall. (Remembering the time Jerry's suitcase fell off the top of the car onto I-80, I can just imagine what it would have looked like if all our suitcases would have fallen from the plane!)

It was fun catching up on all of your blogs! I must take issue, however, on your comments regarding the photo of Pete and I. Your use of the word "drinks" is a little strong as I only had ONE glass of wine. I must agree, though, that I look as if I drank a whole case! :-)

It sure was fun seeing all of you. The time was too short, as always. I gave Sam six goodbye kisses this morning -- one of each of the days until I see him again. I can hardly wait until your arrival.

I hope your flight to Baltimore went well and that the doctor has nothing but good news for Tessa.

Take care, and love to everyone.
Gramma Judy

P.S. Thanks again for your hospitality, etc.!

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