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July 10, 2004



What did Rob think about LOTR? It is my favortie trilogy. If you had made it to the part when Aragorn i.e. Strider shows up, you might have perked up a little. Love, Zanny

Gramma Judy

You better try to watch Lord of the Rings while you are young. After you retire you can't stay awake to watch it even if it comes on at 8:00! :-)

I am trying to reach Lola to order Jude's birthday cake. The first of the second generation Lola cakes! Cody wanted him to have
a Spiderman cake, so tell Sam to be prepared to
eat some really good Spidey cake!

I am flying into KC at 11:27 via Delta #1801 on Friday, 7/16. Depending on what Suzanne decides to do, I may or may not be renting a car at that time. If I don't, I will just do a cab or whatever to get to your house since you will both be working.

See you soon!
Gramma Judy

Gramma Judy

I just opened your "Sleepover" blog, but all that was there is a couple of pretty flower pictures. Is something missing?

We just got back from the MangoMania. It was too darn hot to be enjoyable. We got some non-mango plants for the house and then came home to cool off. Later, we will plant what we bought. It is too hot to do that right now, too.

I rented Cold Mountain last night. It was a heavy movie, but very good. You and Susan should watch it sometime; I wouldn't recommend it for the kids, though. There's too much brutal killing / Civil War stuff.

Well, have a super weekend. I will check back later on to see if you have added any words to your blog.

Hugs to all.
Gramma Judy

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