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July 09, 2004



Missing you. Love, Zanny

Cousin Stacy

I just wanted to say again that this blog is awesome! I love being able to see pictures of everyone and hear how everyone is doing. Since I don't get to see you guys much anymore, I feel like this site is my life-line to the "Smith" gang. Great job and keep it up!
Love, Stacy


Have a great weekend - we've got Nate's season ending baseball tournament all three days. Mom and dad came up last night for the first game, which went right down to the wire but unfortunately we came out on the short end. It was fun for the boys to play under the lights, but I couldn't get wound down after the 10:30 finishing time.

Movie of the day is my favorite - Alien.

Take care,


Gramma Judy

A belated Happy Birthday to Abby! How neat that those two have always been such good friends.
They are growing up much too quickly.

I'll bet the Ray Charles album was worth the wait. His music was really popular back when your dad and I were "courting." I always think of those days whenever I hear his music. We did a lot of dancin' to Ray Charles way back when.

I am still struggling with sleep since returning from Colorado. I finally hopped in the hot tub
last night after trying to get to sleep for over 3 hours. It did the trick, thank goodness. I won't wait so long the next time. Insomnia is frustrating to say the least.

Have a great weekend! We plan to attend a big
festival called Mango Mania sometime today or tomorrow. Pine Island is a big mango producer and they sponsor this festival every year. We missed it last year, so we thought we would check it out this time. I'll let you know how it was.

Take care. Hugs to all.
Gramma Judy

P.S. My tumor marker test was down to 33 yesterday! That is way below normal!!!!!

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