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July 30, 2004


Grandma Delores

Here's wishing you all a great vacation in Florida. We will have a quiet weekend at home, with no special plans, but after all the company last weekend and big family reunions, it may seem dull. have a safe trip!!! Grandma Delores

Gramma Judy

Good Morning.
Nancy took the words right out of my mouth. :-)
Your first non-prize, Nancy! Way to go!

Actually, I was having trouble remembering which
musical it was from. I should have known as "Anne Get Your Gun" was another one of your star performances from Carlisle High! :-)

The weather is supposed to be pretty wet this weekend, per the forecasters. We are sitting smack dab in the middle of two tropical disturbances, so we are to be prepared for some
heavy rains. Bummer. We'll have to time our
beach trips around the storms. Sure am looking
forward to seeing you all!

I have been painting the floor of the lanai and
have seen a couple of little lizards in the process. I will try my best to clear them out by the time you get here. Other than a little black snake in the yard yesterday, which I almost stepped on and jumped about 5 feet when I saw it, we are free of wild critters. (I must confess, I have some fire ant bites, so they are out there, too.) Just some of the joys of living in Florida. :-)

Have a terrific flight. Be sure to let me know your arrival time, etc.!

See you tonight ...
Gramma Judy

Grampa Smith

The answer to the movie question is:

Shane. Alan Ladd starred inthe
title role. Best remembered for Brandon
DeWilde screaming "Come back Shane"
at the end.

Love to all!

Cousin Nancy

Irving Berlin's "They Say that Falling in Love is Wonderful" is the title of the song from which your lyrics came. The show was Annie Get Your Gun.

Hope all of you have a great Florida vacation.

Your blogs are priceless. Fabulous photos.

Cousin Nancy

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