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August 08, 2004


Grampa Smith


I watched the Elway induction and had a few
laughs and more than a few tears. Iam really
glad you got to be there. It must have been
a huge thrill. We had a great trip to St.

Love to all!


Dear Rob:

I was on my way back from camping in Lake City, Colorado when John was giving his speech. I didn't get to see it but I did listen on the radio. I thought his daughter did great and that his speech was heartfelt and superior to the rest. Very emotional. I bet you got choked up too. Hope you had fun. The news said that 17 of the 20 thousand people there were Bronco fans. They also said that this was the first time ever that the event was sold out. Go Broncos! I'm glad you were there to represent us. Thanks. Love, Zanny

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