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August 01, 2004



Hello! So nice to see you at Ga Ga's house. I wish I was there with you. Did the dolphins come around again? That definitely made the Zanny list of all time favorite animal moments EVER. I almost have the lady bug shoes finished. Too bad it was not in time for your trip. I'll send them out this week. Keep up with the Florida updates. I want all the "Juicy" details! I have been boycotting the trivia because I am sick of the Uncle Tom and Granpa Smith domination, but I think that today's show tune is from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. I'm not sure what the name of the song is, but I'm thinking it is "I don't know how to love him". Love, Zanny

Grampa  Smith

Rob this movie question is a tough one but
I think it is Stagecoach.

If that is correct it is the movie that
transformed John Wayne from a grade B actor
into a major film star.


Hope you have a great time in Florida! Looks beautiful there.

I too am battling the summer cold/flu Rob! THE WORST!

Sore throat, sinus congestion and pressure WILL NOT drive me away from finishing our landscaping. We are almost done with exception of the flower bed by our rock retaining wall. It is SOOO nice to have grass. Just not the water bill that comes with it.:)

Take care and hope you find some dolphins!

Grandma Delores

Greetings from the land of 10,000 lakes, and the city that George Bush will visit this week on Wednesday. He will speak to a gathering of 7000, at 5 PM out at one of our stone quarries, where there is sort of a natural ampitheater. Maybe I'm not supposed to send all this information on the blog site. I would go for the history of this event, but Paul is dead set against going, and it sounds like all the tickets have been given out to people who waited in line for over 3 hours yesterday. We saw him in Estes Park 3 years ago anyway. Have a great vacation !!!

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