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August 02, 2004


Sean Hostetter

When lightning hits open water, the current is able to travel through the water quite well. How far away the dangerous current travels is not known, but it's probably on the order of tens of yards. Have fun in Orlando!! Sean

Grandma Delores

Looks like the vacation is going great, I am really jealous, so I'm trying to think of some place fairly close we could go for a trip before August is over. Have you had a chance to notice that whenever Kerry and Edwards do a campaign stop the music playing in the background is most often Springsteen. Have some more fun!!!! Love Grandma Delores


Looks like a great time down there -

Oddly enough I just heard a story on the radio about lightning - something about it being able to travel up to 10 miles through the air........

Have a blast at the kingdom and everywhere else.

I'll go with "Dancing in the Streets", but I have to dog it with the Mick Jagger/David Bowie version since I'm not up on my Motown.

Have fun,


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