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August 15, 2004


Karen Moriarity

I haven't been here in awhile and look how things have changed!! Tessa has almost 100% knee flexion; Sam is riding a bike AND going potty like the big boy he is now!

Good news to hear. And Gramma Judy is safe and sound from the Hurriane Charley! I thought about her when I listened to the news. Whew, what a storm!! I continue to log in to your blog, so warn me if you discontinue, OK?

Congrats to you all!!!

Grandma Delores

Thanks for all the cool pictures and news. The kids look great and very happy. I hope Tessa is looking forward to school starting even just a little bit. We will have Nate and Kat here from Tuesday nite until Friday, so I'll be doing more cooking than normal. Very cool and almost 2in. of rain here this morning. LOVE, Grandma Delores


We are very glad to hear that all is well in Florida. I'm a new auntie due to a brand new niece being born this last Friday in Florida. Yes, born on Friday, the 13th, during a hurricane, in a hospital running on generator power. At least little Emma will have a story to tell when she grows up.

Tessa and Sam are looking pretty snazzy on wheel. A new school year and a new start with new challenges ahead. Good luck, Tessa, as you start your 3rd grade year.

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