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July 27, 2008


cayle fuller

I LOVED going to the Inner Harbor when I was a little girl... we would take a lot of field trips there. Have you seen the inner harbor eels yet(and I am not talking about the ones in the aquarium)? During field trips we would sit on the edge of the docks to eat our lunch and tons of eels would congregate below our feet. It gave me the creepies because I kept having visions of being eaten by a pack of eels or is that school of eels ?! I also had my senior class highschool reunion at the aquarium... it was so cool walking around at night without the crowds. I am happy to see you out and about... having fun in good ol Baltimore MD. Love you Tessa Jean!


i agree with grandma judy: sushi is pretty scary. (although, honestly, i think it is even scarier than the tarantula) i am so glad to see you getting around, tessa. i think you should have said "what are you lookin' at?" to the kid who was staring at you. i would have given him an imaginary punch, as i imagine you did, too. and if you read this madi, thanks for going and seeing tessa. i can't wait to talk to you soon. (tessa and madi)
ps. we are definitely coming out to see you guys next weekend. i can't wait!


Hey guys! What a great friend you have in Madi. I'm almost in tears reading this blog, and thinking about what wonderful friends you have, Tessa Jean. I love the story of Madi using the walker to deflect some of the stares away from you. It is a trip Madi will always remember and one you will never forget. I love you! Have another great day as soon as you can. Like Grandma said, we just got home from a very decadent weekend filled with fun ourselves. I'll send you some pics as soon as I get them downloaded. I miss you! Zanny

gramma Judy

What fun the two of you appear to be having. I think her coming out there was a beautiful
show of friendship. Please give her a big hug for me. :-)

Man, you got to see some cool stuff at the aquarium -- but there were a few things I thought
were pretty scary -- such as the giant, butt-ugly Spider. Yikes. How would you like to discover
one of those in your bed when you pull back the covers! For that matter, I would rank the sushi
as a pretty scary item as well!

The bears are sooo cute. You girls did great, so did your dad. I knew his would somehow
be related to Batman.

We (three) just got back about 7:30 tonight after spending the last two night at Beaver Creek, CO at
the Hyatt Resort and Spa. Suzanne said you guys stayed near there one time. I was an amazing place and I am so grateful that we were able to do it. :-)

I am loving and missng you, "Miss Sushi Queen."

Take care. Hugs to all.

Love, Gramma Judy


Hello Baltimore,
What a fun day yesterday and the day before too. I am glad you got Claire's out of your system before I return. I love the picture of Tessa upright. That might be the first one. Today is get-new-shoes- for-the first-day-of-school for Sam (YUCK, right?). We decided to use last year's uniforms to start the year and not buy new ones yet. We filled out all the paperwork for school too. This is what gave us the Saturday Blues yesterday. Today is also more wrapping up of all things swork related. Better go get started.
Love, Mom

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