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July 30, 2008



Tessa, you are impressive in your rehab. Know we are rooting for you and hope to see you home soon! Amy and Matt Davis


Dear Tessa,

It made my stomach flip flop to see the pictures of you doing your "Big Bend". I remember from being with you in Baltimore last time how hard that move is for you. You can really see it on your face in the pictures. You can also see a very strong and brave young woman who can face almost anything with courage and grace. I'm so proud of you. Stay strong. I love you and I am missing you so much! Aunt Zanny


Hootie's three covers were:

Losing My Religion by REM
Hey, Hey, What Can I Do by Led Zeppelin
Champage Supernova by Oasis

When do I get the no-prize?

(PS- I gotta admit, Beth and I saw this concert last fall)

Grandma DeloresH.

A note to Rob. Your Dad was fishing on Lake Pepin on the Mississippi which is south of St. Paul and not in Canada. The Mississippi starts in far northern MN but not in Canada and is one of Minnesota's claims of fame. Everyone travels at least once to Itaska State Park to see the headwaters of the Mississippi near Bemidji. Susan may not remember but she was there at a very young age. G. Delores


DUH some kind of batman movie. pretty obvious with the b's and j's. ( and the talk of j killing/ not killng b)
brita looks nice, and i'm glad therapy is going well. see ya soon.
p.s. welcome back to the world of commenting Grampa Smith



I was going to guess "Dark Knight" for the movie, too, even though I haven't seen it yet. We did watch "Batman Begins" at home last weekend and I thought it was a very good film. Looking forward to getting to the theater soon. Great video of the pool walk. We know it's hard work and takes a tremendous amount of mental strength for Tessa to keep up the therapy, so just know that we are all thinking about all of you and feeling confident that it is all going to be for the best in a few months. Trivia question for you - can you guess the three songs having never been at the show?

Hang in there,


Rob - have you heard of the Drew Davis Band? We saw them as the warmup act for Hootie and the Blowfish on Sunday and they were pretty good - said they were from KC. It was a great show all around with many greatest hits and some killer Zeppelin, Oasis and REM covers thrown in for good measure.

jim smith

The old Rob staged the picture bit. Yeah he has done that with me also only with Miller Lite cans. I can´t believe you got that Sands question past me. I thought I knew every line of that movie. It is obvious that Tessa Jean is really working hard on this rehab. Hang in there, Darl´in. Hard work always pays off big time. All for now.
Love to All!!!
P.S. Say Hi to Brita.

Grandma DeloresH.

Glad to get the record straight on the wine consumption. We just had a severe thunderstorm come thru with trees and power lines down in the city. Just little branches here at our house but it was scary for awhile. Our weather radio started going off at 4:30 AM and several times after that so we have been awake a long time. The soccer game went well and Kat's team won but still didn't qualify for the final game today because another team had more points. David's whole family came and Tom's minus Big Sam, so it was a mini reunion. After the game we all went to Culvers for a meal. Isaak was the main entertainment. Watch for mail in the coming days. G. Delores

Mom and sam

Just want the blogdom to know that Rob staged the wine picture by placing two bottles on the table and I really only had one glass. Thanks Mr. Funny-Pants!! He made up for it though by making strawberry pancakes and sausage this morning. We are looking forward to our visitors on Saturday morning.


Great work, Tessa! You are doing so well with the therapy and I can see by the comments that everyone is extremely proud of you. Well done.

[Trivia: Dylan's "Girl from the North Country" and (I'm guessing) "The Dark Knight." (the "B:" and "J:" sorta gave it away.]

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