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July 31, 2008



Hiya Tessa- Guess what? We are kitten-sitting Lucy again! And, she's still as cute as always! We are also going to gerbil-sit Abbey gerbils when she leaves for Baltimore. No fair. I wish I was on that plane with Abbey! Do you think I should get Skypte now so I can chat you two? Let me know.

Grace, of Grace's World
*do, do, do, do. do, do, do, do... Grace's World!....*


Ooh...that trivia question was just handed to me! :)
One Tree Hill from U2's The Joshua Tree!!!.....ONE of my favorites and ONE of the best albums in history! I still remember listening to the tape on my Sony Walkman riding in the bus on the way to my tennis meet. Circa 1987~

My thought of the moment is thinking about the bridge collapse of the 35W bridge. Almost 15 minutes (6:05) to the year ago today. I will never forget that day as I drove across it at approximately 5:30. Sitting in a restaurant not but blocks from it and listening to the sirens pass by. Not quite a 9/11, but still a day that I will never forget.

Peace to all. Be safe.


jim smith

Hi, Guys. I hope you are staying cool. Love the picture of Rob and Tessa Jean. If you need something to do go to Des Moines Register.Com and Click on Shawn Johnson. Scroll down to International Fan Map. Add yourself to the Fan Map. Read my message at Find a Person on the Map by entering Jim S. I am really fired up for the Olympics. Three Iowans, Shawn in Gymnastics ,Lolo Jones in 100 meter hurdles, and Doug Schwab in free style wrestling. Lolo is from Des Moines and ran at Roosevelt. Doug is from Osage and wrestled at the U of I. Also check out Olympics at DSM Register.Com. My, I have just gone on and on.
More later.
Love to All!!!
P.S. I encourage all readers of the blog to leave a message for Shawn.


Dear Tessa,

Cool that you got to see Kim again! It is always comforting to be with someone you have a history with. Speaking of that, you must be so excited that Abbey is coming so soon! What a great comfort that will be to get a hug from her I bet. Is Sam going to go home with your Dad? Would he like to come out to Colorado for a vacation? We would love to have him. Still not much going on here to talk about or report. Sorry, bottom line is, we are just boring. Love you! Zanny

Grandma DeloresH.

Good to see things are going well out there. One year ago on this day we were in Aspen enjoying the beauty of the Rocky Mountians. Today is the anniversary of the Interstate 35W bridge collapse so that is how I remember exactly where I was at suppertime that day. The new bridge is almost complete. The Bodeans are performing at our local Ribfest tonight but not until 10PM and I'm usually asleep by then. Maybe I can force myself to stay awake just for once. Hope its a good report from the Dr. today. G. Delores



My mind has turned to mush since 4 years ago - I've got nothing on the trivia. For some reason a picture of Harold Ramos comes to mind on the movie quote, but I can't place it. It's great to see so many smiles on Tessa's face in the pictures. We are going to be missing our kids, too, in the weeks coming up. Gabe and Sam leave for church camp today for a week, and then they are with us next Friday and then gone for another week to the East Coast. Nate and Kat are gone this weekend, then with us two days and gone for about 10 with a week at Grandview Lodge with their grandparents from Florida.

Nate and Gabe are learning to drive. Nate is convinced he is the better driver, although it's hard for anyone in the family to agree after he tried to back up in drive the other night and then hoisted the van up onto the curb backing out of the parking spot. Apparently hours and hours of playing "Halo" doesn't prepare one for the attention needed to handle a vehicle. Anyone have any idea what Dad was thinking trying to teach us to drive in a manual transmission truck? According to Kat I just need to be clearer in my instructions. We are definitely entering the time when the smartest people in the house are under the age of 45........

Take care,



oh, and i forgot to mention- nice photos sam, at this rate you'll be a pro photographer.
a (again)

oh, and how many bottles is that? two... three... is that FOUR i hear?


YAY! i get to be the first person to comment! a break in me emailing tessa for another five minutes. that is so cool that you get to see your therapist from 2004 again. she doesn't look too different, but you sure do tessa. it's funny how i don't notice you looking any different when i think about it, but looking at those pictures makes me think of how we both have grown up in the last four years. weird. i am getting really good at typing the word weird. earlier this evening i was having trouble with the "ei" but seeing as how i have typed it a few times in my emails to you as the evening wears on, i am getting quite good at it.
oh and rob, could you do some normal songs or movies for the trivia? like who in the world (other than you, the guy with the internal pop culture library) would know these things. but just wait: you're going to do a song i should know, and i'll flub it up., knowing me.
see ya all soon,

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