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July 25, 2008



Wow! Looks like the girls are doing a great job keeping Rob busy!! Lions, tigers and bears - OH MY! You would think they are in Kansas not Baltimore! I know that Madi is having a great time hanging out with Tessa. I even heard that Rob cooked breakfast and cleaned up. Madi may decide she doesn't want to come home. Madi - you going to come home again, right?!

Cindy, aka Madi's mom


oh, and i forgot to mention that my dad sent off the journal today. i guess we made him feel guilty for forgetting to write your name on the envelope. you should be getting it by like, tuesday or wednesday or something.


Hey all!!! I wish i could be building bears and eating at the rainforest cafe with you guys. now i am like officialy the only kid the age of twelve who hasn't made a bear at build a bear. :-( better news: i am definitely coming to baltimore next weekend! i am so excited. the only problem is that madi will be gone by then. i really wish we could all be there at the same time. that would be so awesome. i am having a relatively uneventful weekend. i know you will be thinking that i am so weird, but i just finished excercising with my mom, so we would have been excercising and stretcing at the same time. i didn't think about it at the time we decided to do it, but it worked out great. missing you lots...


Good morning girls!
Did you hear lions roaring and elephants stampeding all right long? Or just Beth making monkey noises? When I see the Rain Forest Cafe that is all I think of. Sam and I are just getting up and are making pancakes. None of that whole wheat syrup like Dad buys though. Then we are going to get him a new bike! Think I can convince him to try riding it today? It is supposed to be blazin' hot. I am losing battery power on the camera on this end and cannot find the cord to charge it. Any ideas Rob? Later, Susan

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