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July 25, 2008


Grandma DeloresH.

What a friend you have Tessa!!! I found some swim suits today and put them in the mail which should get there by Mon or Tues. If they don't fit or you don't like them I can take them back if you leave the tags and tissue on them. It never hurts to have extra ones when your Dad dumps them with the laundry at PT. One more day and Mom and Sam arrive. Grandma Delores


Hello Tessa and Madi! Hope you guys are having fun! Wish I was w/ you guys! Anyway, have a great day together!



Hey Madi!!!!!!
You made it. Awesome job!!! What is the pink blanket looking thing? Have fun today going to PT and PoolT. I think they are taking you to the Rain Forest Cafe and Build-A-Bear. We need more pictures.

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