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July 28, 2008



sam, i totally agree with you not wanting to watch monk. the pics from the colorado trip were great. i miss you all.

Erin and Carla

Hey Tessa! It looks like you are doing really well! Your friend Madison is a really good friend to only ask for a plane ticket to Boston to see you! Sorry I haven't been able to post in a while. I've been at my aunt's house while my mom and dad were at there 20th aniversary vacation to Colorado. They had a lot of fun. Talk to you later! See ya!


Cool reminder of our trip last year. Can't believe it has already been a year since Shark Week was last on! My how time flies when you are trying to avoid a weeks worth of footage of flesh ripping carnage! One of my "favorite" memories of that trip was when Mitchell puked apple juice all over Grampi Paul, and yet, he just kept right on eating his burger. In keeping with the theme, this weekend we nearly made it through our trip without and puking incidents. But then came the smores. Mitchell got brave and took a bite of one and promptly ran over to the trash can and puked. Would have been a great moment in Mitchell-puking-on-vacation history had it not been for the bear-proof trash cans. It seems they also repel vomit as well as bears. Oh well! Just wouldn't be a true vacation in a high class resort if Mitchell didn't puke on it, right? Hope you have one of your Good Days today. Love You! Zanny


Good Morning Baltimore,
Love the Madi and Tessa shots in the car. Can't get the videos. Says they are no longer available. I'll have to try from home. Did you start watching Shark Week? My fear is it will be all the same footage we saw last year. We may catch a little tonight. Sam won't watch Monk, Psych, or Bones now. I think because the house is too big without anyone else in it. We need to fill it up for Bruce in late August.

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