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July 29, 2008



i was just thinking of secretly raiding your garden for carrots, and am now wondering whether you just randomly pick one hoping that it is ripe, (is that even what you call it?) or is there some sign that the veggie is ready? i also don't know how you will answer this question. oh well. i also have absolutely no clue as to the music trivia answers. oh well. TTFN

jim smith

Just finished mowing the lawn. It is going to be brutal today. Glad to see you are all together for a while out there. We are all hoping for good news so you can move this back to home. I spent last weekend in Minnesota getting a fishing lesson on how to catch walleyes. I was not very successful but we brought a bunch home. We went to Lake Pepin on the Mississippi and it was great. I recommend it. Keep up the great work, Tessa Jean. We are all proud of you.
Love to All!!!
PS Hope the squirrls are not eating up the garden.


Life IS tougher when you're stupid! I have no idea what the answers are to these trivia questions! Oh well. Glad you are all together again and happy to see that Tessa is still smiling. I hope you got our care package though... sorry to hear you hand an empty mailbox! I hope you get good news from Dr. H so you can all come home... that would be great!
We all send our love, hugs and kisses!
Cayle and Crew

Grandma DeloresH.

Can't answer any of the questions. Sam looks a little tired from his long day too. Tessa looks very happy I think. We are headed up to the MN State soccer tournament to watch Katerina play. Have a good day. G. Delores


I was really missing you these past few days. So glad to see a new blog today that shows your beautiful smile. I'm happy your Mom and Sam made it out OK. It must be such a relief to have your whole family in the same spot! Not much going on here. Mitchell starts school in a couple of weeks and we are making the "big trip" to Office Depot to get his school supplies someday soon. That's about the highlight for the week. Like I said, not much going on here. Love, Zanny

jim smith

Adjunct to last answer. Smokey and the Bandit.

jim smith

Movie trivia #1 Red River John Wayne to Montgomery Clift. #2 Do not know. #3 Bandit Jackie Gleason to someone.

jim smith

OK do not know the first one, but 2 is Jessi Colter and Im Looking For Blue Eyes. The third is Johnny Cash and Ira Hayes.
More later.

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