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August 03, 2008


Grandma DeloresH.

What a water boy Sam has become and I remember when he didn't like swimmimg pools. G.Delores

Grandma DeloresH.

Good to see everyone so happy and Tessa doing so well. We are back from our party in Minnetonka and having very humid and hot weather. I have to know what states you have post cards from sometime. I have set up the plan for one from Alaska with Dod. More later.G. Delores

gramma Judy

What a great blog. It was full of big, happy smiles, and you can't beat that. Friends and family are what life is all about and the Haines family fit both categories. How lucky you all are.

I love the photo of Sam on the surf board. You should frame that one!

I'd like to make an appointment for a manicure the next time I am in KC. The "girls" look like professionals!

Keep up the great work, Tessa Jean. I am so proud of you, I could dance in the streets!

I am missing and loving you, "Tessa Jean, the lengthening machine."

Hugs to all.

Gramma Judy

jim smith

Hi again guys. Let'go rac'in.


Wow! What a relief it must be to have more friends in Baltimore! What wonderful kind friends you have found. Such friendships like you have with Abbey and Maddie (and more that I probably don't even know about!) are rare. I know it must be tough to feel like it right now, but you are one lucky girl. It is so cool to see your 90 degree bend, and to see how well you are able to get around. Standing up to look at the rain, sitting up to do you nails and to go out to eat...just seems like there is nothing that can stop you. You are an amazing kid and I love you. Aunt Zanny

jim smith

Really glad to see Bill, Beth, and Abbey in the house. You cannot beat having good friends around. Tessa looks so very happy. I wish I had some of those crab cakes. The thought makes my mouth water. I better have a beer.
Love to All!!!

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