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August 01, 2008


gramma Judy

HI, Guys.
Hello to the Haines! I am so glad to know that they are able to spend some time with you.
Sorry about the "bad news": however, I prefer to concentrate on the good stuff, so to receive
an A+ is awesome. Way to go, Sweetie Pie!

I am kind of pooped tonight as we were out all day and ended up at a really fancy movie
theatre to see SEX AND THE CITY. When you are 35, you can watch it. :-)

I will try to give you guys a call this weekend. With the time change, I am usually too
zonked to call in the evening and I hate to interrupt during the day. It sure isn't
because I am not thinking about you. You are all on my mind every single day -- all day.

I am loving and missing you, "Little Dumplin'"

Take care.

Hugs to all ...
Gramma Judy


Yeah! You'll be home in about 17 days! I'll be counting down! Have fun with Abbey and her family!


Grandma DeloresH.

I've been thinking I should get the( snaps on the side pants) for Tessa and send them to KC so they will be there when School starts on the 18th. Not likely it will be cool then , but we never know. Let me know if you want more navy shorts fixed. Thanks for the new pics and update. Today we are going to a gathering of the Heath cousins in Minnetonka. Its at Christine Heath and Sam Poomaihealani's home. Can't you tell he is from Hawaii. It starts at 4PM and we may not be home until very late tonight. I hope the storms will hold off. G. Delores

Tom and Lisa


We hope that it is a good thing that you'll be going faster on the lengthening. Hopefully it just means things will be done that much sooner. August 18 is only a couple of weeks away....

Tom and Lisa

jim smith

What did Abbey say?


Dear Tessa,

Sounds like your hard work in therapy has really paid off! Ya can't beat an A+ with a stick! Sounds like you graduated to land standing as well. Hope that is not too painful for you. Sorry to hear that you will definitely have a more extended stay, but best to be there and just get the job done and done right than to have to travel back a forth a bunch I would guess. Besides! If you got to come home now, who would Abbey and your Mom hang out with this week? Have you and your dad checked out the you tube videos of the AI tour? Some of them are kind of fun. When I was driving home from the doctors office with Grandma Judy today, my outside temp gauge on my car read 110 degrees! Might go up to the mountains and escape the heat tomorrow. Hope it is not headed your way. You have a super great time with Abbey. Lord of the Rings Trilogy fans rock. It was quite "tricksie" of her to jump on that trivia before I could. Love, Zanny


and in the lyrics, it is not "i guess i have lost" it is "i guess i've lost"
= )


oh, i just read it again, the second sentence is obviousely talking about sauron, so it is THE TWO TOWERS when golem, sam and frodo are hiding from the wraith in the dead marshes. i think. if not, then refer to my first comment.


oh, i didn't read the movie one before commenting on the music.
it is one of the lord of the rings movie,
if it is the fellowship of the ring it is pretty close to what gandalf says to frodo at the beginning, but gandalf doesn't refer to it as the precious.
no one but golem would have said precious, and the last sentence kinda-
oh, of course, golem is saying it talking about either sauron or when he is convincing frodo that sam is bad. so that would take place in THE RETURN OF THE KING
i need a life too,


duh, thank you
(that was really easy, but something any harder probably would have stumped me, so thanks.)

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