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August 18, 2008


Kelly G.

I can't wait till you are back in school with us! But school isn't all that great! I am in Ms.Ryan class and she's okay. Who's class are you in?

Can't wait to see you, and hang in there!You can do it!
Kelly G.


Susan and Tessa,

We are all thinking of you and hoping that the end of the lengthening comes very soon. Keep watching those olympics - you'll need to know how to pose for those team photos when you are on the gold medal team someday.




Hiya Tessa! I'm going to report what happens each day at school, so you won't be that far behind.

I forgot to mention yesterday that we are switching classes like we did in 6th grade. We are no longer switching homerooms in the different classes. That was a big disappointment when I heard about that. Anyway, today, we have AM classes, which ment we had Math, Religion, and L.A. Math was pretty good, but I mostly forgot everything Mrs. Ryan said. Religion was easy, and L.A. was fun and the only class to actually have homework. So in other words, Tuesday was pretty good. Tomorrow, we are going to have PM classes- Science and S.S. I think.

I can't wait til you come home! See you then!
Your BFF,

Brenda Tittle

Hang in there girl! You are so close to getting home and back to school with your friends. Just a few more days and you have something to look forward to... back in your own room and your own bed. We know you are a brave girl for all you've been though these past weeks!!! Proud of you!!

Grandma DeloresH.

Grandpa Smith has said it very well. !! I wish there was something I could do or say to make it easier. Getting from one half hour to the next will eventually get to the end of the week. Nate's concert was terrific and he looked so cool up on the stage. We also took in part of big Sam's hockey game on Sunday afternoon. Nice and cool in the arena when it was 85 to 90 outside. Keep trying and it will be over soon. My thoughts are always with you out there. Love, G. Delores

jim smith

Time to gear up. Gear up for the next four days. Let's do one at a time and get through it. Gear up for Zanny and Mitchell coming. That ought to relieve the quietness. Gear up for the doc on Friday. I assume that's the one that says go on home you're doing fine. Finally gear up for The Olympics tonight. (No fair looking during the day today.) Shawn Johnson (gymnastics-beam) and Lolo Jones (100 meter hurdles) go for gold tonight. Tessa, you have been so strong for so long and there is such a short time to go. Hang in there and it will all be over soon. You are my HERO!!!
Love to All!

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